Welcome to HK Henderson, a distinct brokerage that thinks differently about risk.

With a long history and deep roots in our communities, three of Saskatchewan’s premier brokerages Henderson Insurance, Hoffmann Kool Insurance and Life Line Brokers came together on November 1, 2023. Our partnership has created one of the largest commercial brokerages in the province and reflects a common approach to client service. This amalgamation is a natural evolution, helping our clients manage their rapidly evolving business risks.

HK Henderson has five locations in Saskatoon, Regina and Moose Jaw. Partnering with Navacord provides our clients the Local Touch – National Strength needed to face a complex world with confidence.

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The HK Henderson Advantage

Our approach manages hazard risk AND the day to day business risks that matter most to you. We look at the big picture of your business to create unique plans that are innovative, fluid and go beyond insurance to make your business better.

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<h2 style=”line-height: 1.25em; color: #3d4953;”>The <span style=”color: #a5cf4e;”>Henderson</span> Advantage</h2>
<strong>Local boutique service.</strong>
<li>•   Passionate about providing purposeful and customized service.</li>
<li>•   Professionals who are involved in our community.</li>

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<strong>National strength to build your business.</strong>
<li>•   Built on the expertise of our Broker Partners across Canada.</li>
<li>•   One Navacord culture of collaboration to learn and share best practices.</li>
<li>•   National relationships with key insurance carriers.</li>

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<strong>Expertise that grows and differentiates your business.</strong>
<li>•   Educational approach and industry insight that results in more meaningful conversations.</li>
<li>•   Our IAP Approach™ leads to informed risk management decisions based on a deep understanding of your business.</li>

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<strong>Contact us to discuss how your organization can profit with the Henderson Advantage.</strong>

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<h5>Email: <a href=”mailto:HII@hendersoninsurance.ca” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>HII@hendersoninsurance.ca</a></h5>

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<h5>Tel: <a href=”tel:1-306-694-5959″>+1 (306) 694-5959</a></h5>
<h5>Toll Free: <a href=”tel:1-888-661-5959″>+1 (888) 661-5959</a></h5>

Frank Reidy Risk Education Centre picture
Henderson Insurance Regina Office

Why insurance needs a new approach

Today’s business world is high pressure, fast-paced, disruptive and ever changing. Businesses now face risks far beyond hazard risks like rapidly changing technology, cyber risk, HR problems, customer churn and more.
Risk strategies, therefore, need to go beyond traditional hazard insurance and assess all areas of risk as well as their likelihood, their impact and how they will affect your businesses bottom line.

HK Henderson has created the IAP approach to match todays business trends. Our IAP approach looks at the big picture of your business to uncover the risks that matter most and get ahead of them so your business can operate as successfully as possible in today’s disruptive business world.

What our approach can do for you

Our team understands insurance and business. Our insurance experts know that every business is different so we have a full range of insurance solutions, assets, tools and partnerships to create better, more custom solutions for each and every client.

Learn More

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<h2 style=”line-height: 1.25em; color: #a5cf4e;”>What Our Approach Can Do For You</h2>

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<h4><strong>The following are five key components of a successful risk management strategy:</strong></h4>
1. Pinpoint your exposures and cost drivers.
2. Identify the best loss control solutions to address your unique risks.
3. Create a solid business continuity plan to account for disasters & other unpredictable risks
4. Build a company culture focused on safety.
5. Manage claims efficiently to keep costs down.

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<strong>Remember, Henderson Insurance Inc. is here to help your organization find the appropriate insurance coverage. Contact one of our dedicated insurance professionals today to discuss your options.</strong>

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<h5>Email: <a href=”mailto:HII@hendersoninsurance.ca” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>HII@hendersoninsurance.ca</a></h5>

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<h5>Tel: <a href=”tel:1-306-694-5959″>+1 (306) 694-5959</a></h5>
<h5>Toll Free: <a href=”tel:1-888-661-5959″>+1 (888) 661-5959</a></h5>

What our commercial clients are saying

Thank you Brad Gourlay and the team at HK Henderson for assisting us with our corporate insurance needs.

We realize that our request for a quote was a bit out of the norm and we appreciate the time and patience your team had to thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of the policy.  In the end the personal service (you always return calls, emails and texts quickly!!) you have provided has made the transition easy and we feel reassured knowing any future claims that we may have would be handled by yourselves.  Your down-to-earth, quality customer service levels are something our company prides ourselves on in our day to day business.

To find a local company with similar business objectives is something we have been more than pleased with. THANK YOU! We hope to have a long term relationship with HK Henderson.

Carla Browne

Partner, CENTURY 21 Dome Realty Inc.

The staff at HK Henderson are an amazing group of people. They go above and beyond with their customer service. They never disappoint!

Sheri Melnick

Owner, Sheri Melnick Consulting

HK Henderson is an advisor who is constantly innovating and pushing us to think of risk and insurance differently.  In hindsight, it was a leap of faith to move to HK Henderson as no other insurance broker was suggesting this approach to us.  That said, I am glad to say we made the leap and look forward to HK Henderson continuing to help us in achieving our vision.

JoeAnne Hardy

President, WBM Technologies Inc.

At HK Henderson Insurance they really do understand my insurance needs as a business owner. They are able to give me advice whether that be a risk assessment, fleet renewal, bond coverage or just my business and personal renewal reviews.

Because HK Henderson does a great job of consolidating all my insurance, I never have to wonder where my policies are. This saves me time and money which is very important to me as I have a hectic schedule.

HK Henderson really does make my life simpler and my family safer.

Trevor Perrey

Owner, Electric Effects

IAP logo, Identity, Assess, Prioritize

Our Big Picture IAP Approach

Identify icon, IAP, magnifying glass with people in it


  • Gain a broad understanding of the client, including goals, dangers, opportunities and strengths.
  • Determine where we can help.
  • Identify some current risk areas facing the client.
Assess Icon, IAP, eye


  • Using a wide variety of questions, we will gather more information on the previously identified areas of risk.
  • With the client, begin to quantify the identified risk areas.
Prioritize icon, IAP, clipboard


  • Use the information gathered, including the quantification to rank the risks, by analyzing the Likelihood of the risk happening and the Impact of the risk if it does.
  • Create and deliver an Annual Plan to reduce the risks which are deemed to be the greatest.


Let’s chat about how HK Henderson can provide your business with a risk strategy that will not only help your business, but also your bottom line.