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IRP (IFTA) Plating

The plan distributes commercial vehicle registration fees based on the total distance travelled in each place.

US Operating Authorities

Transporting/Carrying into the United States.

USA Applications

All the documents you need as a Saskatchewan Trucking company for the US and state by state trucking

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Guidance & Assistance

Providing expertise in the Saskatchewan trucking industry for over 80 years



Cross border trucking experts serving clients in a timely manner, your time is money, we are here to save you both.



Helping you grow your trucking business by helping you expand across provinces and national borders

Owners of trucking companies often find themselves drowning in paperwork.
Operating in a variety of jurisdictions can be an administrative burden.

That is what the Canadian Transportation Consultants is here to help with.

Offering services in operating authorities, licensing and insurance. Driven by knowledge and experience from years of working in the industry, CTCI assists companies with most of the required paperwork, sending documents wherever you need them in Canada.

Operated as Cornelisse Transport Consulting Inc by John and Carrie Cornelisse, CTCI was taken over by John’s son Bill in 2008. In 2012 Bill formed a partnership with Highway Agencies Limited (HAL) to create Canadian Transportation Consultants Inc. As of November 2021, that partnership is with HK Henderson Insurance Inc.

About Being a Carrier
in Saskatchewan