Auto Insurance

Automobile accidents can be expensive. Here at HK Henderson we want to give you the peace of mind that, whether it be a collision– theft – or vandalism – you have the right coverage.

Common Questions

Do I have coverage that will pay for the costs of a rental car?

You need to have a Loss of Use endorsement on your policy to be guaranteed a rental vehicle. This coverage does come at an additional cost and is not automatically included on your policy. It can be added with a simple phone call though ?

Does my stone chip repair affect my premium?

All claims will impact your rate for the next renewal term. The increase from having no claims for Road Hazard Glass and 1 chip repaired is approximately $6/year.

I have multiple door dings on my car. Can I get them fixed under my insurance?

You sure can. However, each ding is considered a separate claim, and each claim will have your deductible applied. Typically, this makes claims of this nature not worth pursuing.

Does my coverage extend to a rental car?

Yes. Your package policy coverage will extend to a similar, temporary substitute vehicle in Canada and the USA. It will also extend to anyone that you give permission to drive, as long as they have a valid driver’s licence. *Some restrictions may apply – give us a shout.

If I borrow my friend's car, am I covered?

Yes. Your package policy will extend to any temporary substitute vehicle. *Some restrictions may apply.