Why HK Henderson

We deliver results for our clients, our company, our partners, our community, our teams, ourselves and our families.

Our approach to business is formed by our exposure to different facets of the insurance industry; broker, wholesaler, insurer, claims, marketing, underwriting and reinsurance.

Over the years, this has led us to our current IAP Approach™.

This model is focused on not only being great at the placement of your insurance products, but also providing our clients an annual proactive plan that is designed to reduce their Total Cost of Risk.

The journey does not end there however.  We also believe that the vast majority of clients would prefer not to have a claim to begin with.  We work with you so that you can make this more of a reality.  Interestingly enough, by doing so you look more attractive to the insurance marketplace, therefore driving down your insurance cost.

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Our clients are why our organization exists.
We put the client in the middle of everything we do.


We know that for us to acheive our vision, we must be an organization driven by Personal Accountability.
challenging goals

Challenging Goals

Challenging visions and goals are vital to our success.
“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” – Mario Andretti


We place people in the roles that align with their strengths and natural talents.
“First the right people on the bus, then find them the right seat.” – Jim Collins
life long learning

Life Long Learning

Our ongoing development is a critical component of our success as individuals and as a team.
Get better every day.
mutual respect

Mutual Respect

All people play an equally important role. All roles are to be valued and treated with mutual and professional respect.
Team first.